About Stormy Knight

"Our intention is to provide a bridge to students graduating from the SRJC - to provide resources, networking, job opportunities and community as they transition into the work world. Most of our members are working professionals in digital media, some with over 20 years experience."

Mike Starkey, Faculty/Coordinator for the Digital Media Program at SRJC puts it this way, "The purpose of our program is to prepare our students for the real world environment they are going to encounter. SRJC's interactions with WIMP are meant to do just that - from WIMP's participation in our programs to their shared community to provide ongoing communication and connections with those already working in this field this is a true meeting of education and industry."

Stormy Knight began Net101.com in 1995 as a training company for small businesses and individuals interested in getting “up to speed” on using the internet, Net101.com soon branched out into web design and hosting.

In 1997 she started bargaintravel.com and in 2000 began to work full-time on ranking BargainTravel well in the highly competitive travel sector. As BargainTravel grew, she continued to work for a short list of clients from that time to the present, assisting them in their websites and online marketing. In 2011, she sold BargainTravel to return to consulting, adding marketing technology opportunities for small business to her consulting and training practice.