About TalentPond

TalentPond.org is a revolutionary new online system to connect California Community College (CCC) Career Technical Education (CTE) students/job seekers with employers, using actual skill-sets, rather than ambiguous job titles. TalentPond.org is designed by and for the CCC system, utilizing a powerful database system to match employers needs with student's skills.

The CCC system is the largest, most diverse, and wide-spread of all the school systems in California. Our students have employable talent, with current skills and are ready to go into the market place. Student success is historically defined by certificates and degrees. For California Community College CTE students, success is also defined by getting jobs.

TalentPond.org has the potential to become the CCC standard for connecting our CTE student job seekers with employers. TalentPond.org will allow students near more remote CCC campuses to be able more easily access job information in a variety of job markets based on the CCC locations throughout the state.

TalentPond.org can easily utilize this matching system for internships, as well. TalentPond.org is easily adaptable for any CTE program, at any CCC.

Find Jobs. Find Talent.

Please contact me directly with any questions:

Mike Starkey, Digital Media Program Coordinator/Instructor
Santa Rosa Junior College